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Why do I still have registry errors on my computer after several scans?
Posted by Hema Ghai on 27 March 2012 02:25 PM

As some entries are deleted, they leave behind other references and some empty entries which are presented in next scans. This process may be replicated more than twice depending upon the Registry structure.

We recommend that you:

1. Run your Registry scan/clean cycle until your errors are roughly 10 or less. The scan and clean process gets faster with each cycle. If you started with hundreds of errors, this will greatly improve your computer’s performance.

2. Run your Registry scan regularly – at least weekly, or even every other day if you use your computer a lot.

In reality, every time that you install or delete software, view temporary files, even when you save certain files, you are making invisible changes to the Registry – the clutter and gunk that result in poor computer performance.

Therefore, it is recommended that you clean the registry from time to time to keep it streamlined.

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